Sunday, February 21, 2010

CSED 7762 Journal #2

Not much to report this week on my progress. Trying to keep up with assignments but life and work have both been absolutely nuts lately!
I do have some concerns about my webquest. I really don't know if I am even on the right track with this project. I think my focus may not even be in focus and may be much bigger than the project calls for.
From my understanding of authentic assessment, I need be able to observe the process or have an end result that is usable for the "student" of the webquest. Focusing on the teachers as students for the webquest, I think that the end result should be an actual assignment that can be done completely online, meeting the standards and the goal of student understanding and performance. Does any of this make sense? Hope it clicks for me soon!
Looking forward to the next elluminate session so that I can clear up any misunderstandings and gain my headphones with mic ready for this session.
Check back next week for progress and problems. Leave a comment with any suggestions you have for the project...I really could use them.


m.white said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Not sure if this is going to help or not, but here goes...
I'm assuming that you'd like teachers to understand the process more than create a final product -? If so, I think you could focus on the teachers' application of the content or tool that they're learning about. I think your evaluation could be more self-assessment or peer assessment and not necessarily have to be anything too big or serious. However, this could be something that is incredibly important and immediate in its impact. Enjoy wrestling with it!

Elizabeth said...

Yes Michael, I would like them to understand the process. Because I am not licensed in every area however, I would like them to be thinking about tools that they can use to modify or adapt their content to an online format. Maybe the webquest should be more of an evaluation of the tools available for them to use for the kids to create digital products?!

sschwister said...

I'll jump in here for what it's worth! I think your initial thought to have your teachers be the students is exciting---I like your instincts here. Somewhat keying off what Lee was saying in her feedback on the WQ forum in Blackboard, it may be that the inquiry task is about exploring the "shifts" in learning happening as a result of technology changes. Your EQ about what online learning will look like in 5-10 years starts to get at that. Let's look at it more closely tonight so see if something closer to the target emerges.