Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CSED 7762 Journal #2.5

We had another Elluminate discussion last night as a class and I am thinking I am even more lost than before concerning my webquest. This feeling may be, in part, due to my lack of concentration last night (life has been overwhelmingly stressful the last couple of days). I just feel like this is a project that is just too big for my life right now. I am attempting to create a product that is useful for an audience that is as stressed as I am with students and grading terms and the list goes on. I could create a webquest for students but I really don't work with many at this time and it has just been really hard wrapping my brain around something that I am not even sure is going to work for the audience I would like to target (Do the teachers I work with really care about what learning/schools will look like 5-10 years from now when they have grades dues on Thursday?) Not only am I having trouble wrapping my head around that aspect of the project but where to start the learning/inquiry process. How much general info do we provide for them? Do they read articles about how students learn today and what is ahead of them in the future (like the "did you know?" video) and then have them construct some sort of vision/prediction for what the future holds? If so, how authentic is that for them? It's nice that they are thinking about and exploring the tools that could change the way they deliver instruction (that too, do I have them explore things like etherpad and wikis?) but the predictions ending does not play out for 5-10 years...what then? Would you suggest a discussion with me of the predictions and possibilities? Maybe show me a lesson that could be enhanced for a 21st-century learner?
Just some initial thoughts after our discussion last night that I wanted to get down in writing and possibly get some feedback on.

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