Sunday, March 7, 2010

CSED 7762 Journal #3

I know that journal #3 probably should have been done about a week ago but I figure I am about as far into the process now as I should have been a week ago. The time sure has crept up on me and it seems that I am speeding toward the end of the course...where is my emergency brake!?
Thinking about the webquest process has been nearly productively paralyzing. That combined with GRAD testing, moodle training and lack of computer access has nearly put me at a standstill. My next week will be (I hope) the most productive week of my life. I think, after having my 1:1 session with Scott on Saturday, that I may finally understand the assignment and the process...remember, I said "I think!" I have shifted my focus from having the staff come up with a prediction of what education/teaching will look like 5-10 years from now (an abstract concept that seems subjective in it assessment), something a bit more concrete and narrowed into focus. I have now decided to keep the future focus but have the assessed piece of the webquest much more focused on what teachers can and should be doing now to improve/enhance their curriculum to prepare students for the future (approx. 5-10 years from now). This would include having them take a look at their current curriculum and discuss what they would like to change or improve, looking at the standards (ISTE, NETS) as if they were MN standards in their subject area, and examining approx. 4 tools that they think could use to change the elements they identified in their curriculum (I would list possible tools to research based on categories). I would then have the staff member write a report (values/beliefs statement) about 1.) what they believe could be improved/enhanced in the curriculum in order to best prepare their students 2.) identify one area of the ISTE or NETS standards that they think they could improve on in the classroom to best prepare students 3.) focus on 2-3 Web 2.0 tools they could use to address the changes they would like to make. Sorry that was a little long-winded...hope I explained that correctly.
Now the hard part begins....What steps/information do I provide for them to reach the point where they can assemble their beliefs statement!?
Check back often this week for daily updates on the process....

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