Friday, March 12, 2010

cSED 7762 Journal #5

Well, I am finally coming to the end of the course. I have completed all assignments (excluding the webquest)...collecting all data, posting all findings and feeling as though I finally understand assessment in the technology world. Sounds weird or strange that a teacher "finally understands assessment" doesn't it!? Well, I have never really put thought into the way I assess. Most assignments or tasks in my teaching have been knowledge based. I think I am finally ready to start branching into assignments that require deeper understand and are based on continuity (aka Theme).
The problem that I am encountering is mainly in the webquest process. I have been researching and gathering information to put on the webquest but am still unsure of the process itself. It also hasn't helped that I have had very limited computer access this week, and when I do, nothing seems to load right onto the site. Tonight, however, is webquest night at my house. Hopefully this is not a ritual that sticks around!

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