Monday, March 8, 2010

CSED 7762 Journal #4

Today was a productive day. I finally organized myself for this course and had time to put some thought and time into a few of my major assignments.
  • I completed the rough draft for my smart cards and had a coworker test them out.
  • I completed (I think) my ergonomics assignment. I am not sure if it is more of a self assessment/peer evaluation or if it would qualify as a rubric. Either way, it is something I plan in incorporating into the C-BIS program at work.
  • I got to read some of the postings by classmates on the discussion board
  • I think I have finally wrapped my head around my webquest and ISTE survey.
All in all, very productive! I think I finally realized why this course feels a little more demanding than my last course, though it is much more organized and less busy work....Assessment is a much overlooked area in curriculum development and, at least in my own curriculum, has been a last minute grading system. This will be my major focus this summer when revising and creating curriculum.

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